Welcome to Media Musings!

Media Musings is a blog dedicated to disscusing music and media research in an accessible and engaging way.

Hello, and welcome!

This is my blog about music and media research, part of an attempt to bring some of my own interests and knowledge out into the world (or, at least, this small corner of the internet). As a grad student in musicology, I don’t necessarily get a ton of opportunities to share the many cool things I get to learn about with people outside the world of academia. The truth is, “musicology” is a bit of a mystery word and a lot of the work we do may seem boring, innaccessible, or just flat out mind-numbing.

That said, I think researchers should look for lots of ways to communicate their work and interests. What we do is interesting, we just need to find more interesting ways of talking about it.

Or, maybe, I’m just looking for another void to ramble at. Either way, I’m glad you’re with me, now.

The point of this blog is to engage in lively discussion about music and music-making. Of course, the blog posts will mostly be tailored around my interests and strengths. In general, this includes looking at the way music and music-making constructs and maintains identities, and especially LGBTQIAP2S+ idendities. I am also focused on how this identity-making happens in the neoliberal, late capitalist context.

Because of this, there will be posts dedicated to things seemingly unrelated to music or that focus more greatly on other aspects of research, like queer theory or leftist economic critique. Hopefully, this blog can act as a kind of resource and space for a range of issues centred around the interactions between media, identity, and politics. But fun, not boring (promise).

Anyway, welcome to the blog; let’s talk about music!

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